Decorated jars

Transform ordinary jars into beautiful decorative pieces with these creative ideas. Discover unique ways to enhance your home decor with decorated jars.

The painted glass cookie jar is a purple candy buffet jar. The hand painted glass jar with a lid. A lavender glass jar is your new kitchen Provence decor. The canister apothecary is a colorful canister with painting non-toxic paints. Delicate decor for the kitchen and convenient storage. Glass jar for coffee, sugar, salt, candy, and cookie jar. The painted glass jar is your nice kitchen accessory. A good gift for a housewarming party, for a mother's birthday, and others. The painted purple…

jussara maria
#56 Aug 2017 Destination Inspiration, Terminal #2: Alison Diy, Crafts, Mason Jars, Decoration, Altered Bottles, Altered Jars, Jar Crafts, Jar Diy, Jar Ideas Decorative

Hello all, Alison here from Words and Pictures, arriving at Terminal 2 of Destination Inspiration. As a reminder, here's what's in the travel bag this month: Product - texture paste Technique - layers Colour - neutrals Substrate - glass I have to confess I really enjoyed this one, so this is one of my long posts. Cups of coffee at the ready? Then off we go... here are my foliage lanterns. And here they are when they are candlelit from within. Since the technique element this month is all…