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Become a skilled dermatology nurse and provide exceptional care to patients. Learn about the important responsibilities and expertise required in this rewarding nursing specialty.
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Photo by Texas Institute of Dermatology Everyone has heard of melanoma. It’s not as common as other types of skin cancer, but it is much more dangerous, accounting for about 75 percent of skin cancer-related deaths each year. Melanoma is most often caused by genetic predisposition and/or prolonged exposure to the sun or sun-like UV light, such as a tanning bed. Even if you wear sunscreen daily, it’s important to regularly examine any suspicious spots on your skin, and to see a dermatologist…

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Botox isn't just for frowns and crow's feet anymore. We often see patients in our office who ask for a full facial assessment. They are often shocked to hear that the divots in their chin can be smoothed, or the long strands on their neck that started popping recently out can also be smoothed. The photo below shows common areas we are able to improve with Botox, both on and off-label. Are any of those areas bugging you? The next question we often hear is, "how much will that cost?"

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