Different blood types

Learn about the different blood types and their unique characteristics. Discover how blood types affect your health and find out how you can make a difference by donating blood.
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In some East Asian countries, a person’s blood type is believed to determine personality traits including temperament and compatibility with others. However, the scientific community dismisses the blood type personality theory, citing a lack of evidence. They say blood types are maintained as a classification system for safe transfusions of blood in emergency situations.Known as the ABO blood group system, different...

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The relationship between blood type and personality has long been one of the more challenging issues of scientific studies. Several large-scale surveys were conducted to address the issue, and some of them had shown statistically significant associations. Presently, more than half of Japanese people feel that the relationship is legitimate. This pilot study analyzed data from two large-scale surveys (Survey 1: N = 1,859, Survey 2: N = 3,750) to examine the relationship between blood type and…