Disco records

Discover the top disco records that will make you want to dance all night. Add these timeless classics to your collection and get ready to groove to the funky beats.

Vague Records is my B.A Thesis about an underground music label that focuses on post-rock music and vinyls, actually a case study in form and typography.

Olya Shikh
Art, Decoration, Vintage, Vintage Vinyl Records, Retro Record Player, Vinyl Records, Lp Record Storage, Rock And Roll Aesthetic, Records

Assorted real vintage 7” single records offered in assorted genres and labels. Great for beginners, artists, crafts, wall decorations, artwork, themed room aesthetic and more Genres may include rock, Motown, soul, oldies, broadway, showtunes and many more. Labels may include Columbia, RCA, Parrot, Capital, Island, Universal, Mercury, Warner and Sony to name a few Original Vinyl records may have surface scratches and will show wear due to age. Records can be played but are being sold for…

Stephanie Sky