Diy christmas garland

Get into the holiday spirit with these creative DIY Christmas garland ideas. Make your own festive decorations and add a personal touch to your home this season.
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Looking for some tips on making cheap garland look expensive? Check out this smart trick to make your garland look way more stylish.

Melissa Penfold
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Get into the Holiday spirit and dress up your mantle, tree, staircase, or bookcase with these creative garlands you can make on a budget. Using dollar store items, toilet paper rolls or things you can pick up from the outdoor these beautiful and easy garland ideas will on only look expensive.


Last year I made a TON of this garland. I saw a similar garland at Anthropologie and instantly fell in love. Their felt garland was a million times better than this one, but since I wanted to put it everywhere I couldn’t afford to spend hundreds on just garland. SO I decided to make my