Diy floor bed frame

Transform your bedroom with these creative DIY floor bed frame ideas. Explore unique designs and learn how to create a stylish and cozy sleeping space.
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If you are tired of sleeping on that mattress on the floor or the old frame, maybe it is time to upgrade your bed frame from the Crazy DIY Bed Frame Ideas today. These ideas help you DIY your way into the bedroom of your dreams. You not only can build something spectacular and inexpensive but also keep your bedroom decor goals intact. Make your own bed frame instead of buying outside.

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You may have already seen we switched to a floor bed (and built new crate nightstands to go with it) but today we're talking about what's under the bed. Yes, I know the floor is under the bed. It's a floor bed. But it turns out we actually needed to get it off the floor... without getting it too far off the floor. A mattress straight on the floor can trap moisture and land you in a terrible world of mold and mildew. So I'm told. I don't intend to test that theory, but it does make sense. So…

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I needed an easy, yet attractive bed platform for our guest room so I built this one! I love how simple and easy the project is, but also minimal, modern and attractive. Check out the video tutorial above or read below to see how I did it. Twin build plans here:

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