Diy guinea pig toys

Keep your guinea pig entertained and happy with these fun and easy DIY toys. Discover creative ideas to create a playful environment for your furry friend.
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DIY No Sew Guinea Pig Rooting or Forage Mat -

Guinea pigs like to be challenged and they love food, so a rooting mat is a great "toy" option. My 9 year old wanted to purchase one, but we had felt and fleece on hand so we decided to make one. Even if you don't have the fabric on hand, this should cost less than

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3 Signs Your Piggie is Unhappy | GuineaDad

Our previous blog post talked about 4 signs your guinea pig is happy(be sure to read it before or after this one), so today we’ll be talking about signs your guinea pig is unhappy. The main way you can sense unhappiness in your guinea pig is through body language, sounds, and health. Although some of these signs may just signal temporary unhappiness and are no cause for worry, be sure to watch out if one of them happens frequently and extends for long periods of time. Again, all guinea pigs…

Kadie Sims