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Discover how to make your own mannequin stand with these creative and easy DIY ideas. Upgrade your display with a personalized touch and showcase your garments in style.
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This is Part 2 of the DIY Dress Form Tutorial where we'll look at building the stand from PVC pipe, assembling the mold, and filling the mold with foam to create our actual form. The first step is to build yourself a PVC pipe stand. I'm sure there are better ways to do this that might involve wheels on the bottom, but this works pretty well for me. Here is a picture of the stand I built: Depending on your body's dimensions, your measurements will vary a bit from mine. Since I decided to make…

Shanna Reimer
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ReBecca borrowed this mannequin for a project and needed a stand and off to the shop I go. It's made from pine, except the piece the mannequin sits on which is from an old shelf. It was the largest piece of wood I had in the shop at the time that wasn't particle board. I rounded a 1 inch square piece to a ¾ inch dowel to fit into the metal base place of the mannequin and then cut a dado in two boards to fit this piece, then glued it together to form the main shaft for the stand. The cross…

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If you sew clothes to sell or resell clothes on ebay you know how important it is to have good photos. And part of selling clothes is showing how great they look worn - not just on a hanger. You could always photograph your clothes on a child but what if you don't have one the right size just hanging around. Then there is the problem of kids photos being up on the net for everyone to see (and with easy access to your address). So the next option is a mannequin. But have you seen the price?…

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