Diy terra cotta pots

Elevate your gardening game with these creative DIY terra cotta pot ideas. Explore unique ways to personalize and decorate your garden using these versatile pots.

When I found this tutorial from Geneva Vaderzeil, I was awe-struck. It's genius. We are all surrounded by thrift stores swimming in ugly, old vases, begging to be up-cycled and saved! (I went to ONE store and found dozens of vases to choose from and came home with THIRTEEN!) But most of us wouldn't want to put these directly on our shelves or fireplace mantles. However, I dare you to not want these all over your house after this simple DIY! Just look at these before and after shots! This…

Roxann LaForest

Have you ever wanted to make something look like it's been around for ages, even though you just picked it up new from the store? I've been wanting to try to "age" terra cotta pots for quite some time. When I found lots of terra cotta pots at the 99cent store for a dollar each,

Nancy Andersen