DIY tie dye sweatshirt

Get inspired to create your own unique tie dye sweatshirt with these creative DIY ideas. Transform your plain sweatshirt into a colorful fashion statement that reflects your personal style.
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Make your own tie dye sweatshirt. Learn tie dyeing basics to make your own custom sweatshirt and how to tie dye a rainbow swirl. If you’ve tie dyed shirts or other clothing, you’ll know the basics of tie dyeing. The main difference when tie dyeing a sweatshirt is you need to account for the sleeves. You also really have to make sure you use enough dye since it uses more than a tie dye t-shirt. #abcrafty #tiedye #rainbow #dye #dyeing #spiral #swirl

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If you haven’t jumped on the ice dyeing trend, now is the time! See all of our Ice Dyeing Tips below. We are obsessed with the tie dye process called Ice Dyeing. We have created so many beautiful creations using this method on sweatshirts, beach towels, cloth napkins and even a big tote bag. Dyeing...

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