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Explore trendy and stylish dreadlock hairstyles for black women. Discover the perfect look that showcases your unique style and personality.
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marley hair

About this item Marley Hair Detail: Springy afro twist hair, pre stretched spring twist hair, we have 10inch, 12inch, 18inch, 24inch&30inch, 8strands/pack, 12inch, 18inch, 24inch&30inch is 10 strands/pack, 8packs/lot, 10inch: about 25g/pack, 12inch: about 30g/pack;18inch: about 40g/pack; 24inch: about 45g/pack; 30inch: about 55g/pack. Available color: 1b, 27, 30, T27, T30, 613, 350, Bug, Pink, Blue, Purple, Green&M-Gary. Marley Hair Material: High quality low temperature synthetic fiber…

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