Dry january

Embark on a refreshing journey with a Dry January. Explore the benefits and discover tips to make your alcohol-free month a success. Start the year on a healthy note!
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Sobriety. What a funny thing. I started becoming “sober curious” earlier this spring. I started truly looking at the quantity of my drinking and realizing something was not quite right. Quite frankly, I was sick and tired of feeling yucky from the effects of alcohol. Also, I realized that I was the person who couldn’t […]

Stephanie Petro
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Have you jumped on the Dry January bandwagon yet? If you are still on the fence you might change your mind once you see all the benefits. It isn’t news that drinking less has health benefits. Check out these 10 benefits to going dry for January. RELATE POST: 10 Easy Mocktail Recipes to Make at...

Tonia Tickle