Dyeing techniques

Explore a variety of creative dyeing techniques to add a unique and personalized touch to your DIY projects. Discover tips and tricks to create stunning and vibrant designs.
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Discover the art of ice dyeing with our comprehensive guide at Textile Indie. Learn the differences between ice dyeing and tie-dyeing, explore the time required for this unique craft, and get tips on using different dyes, including Rit and Procion. Understand color splitting in dyeing, and find out the best practices for prepping and rinsing your fabric.

Katlyn Kortz
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Tea is rich with tannin (good for gripping onto fabric), is inexpensive, and attaches well to cotton and linen. It typically gives you a light brown color if you don’t use any color modifiers. You can use an iron modifier on the fabric after you dye it with the tea, which will shift your colors to grey, and increase our fabric’s color- and lightfastness. At the iron sulfate stage, you will be able to experiment with different dipping and folding techniques to create patterns on your fabric.

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You can see that I again stacked the mandalas as I really like the subtle differences and as I used less dye and some lighter values, they came out pretty good! I am sure now that the one on the left is the one on top and the one on the right is on the bottom. It was easy to sort them out last night as they were all so different. Note that these haven't been ironed yet! The post today will be a relatively detailed description of how I do these. This is one of the tshirts lying across a…

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