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The Woodsman's Journal Online: How to Wear a Blanket as a Matchcoat © American History, How To Wear, Boy Scouts, Native American Clothing, Point Blanket, American Colonies, Choctaw Indian, Old Things, Native American

Photo by Author Author’s note: This is something that I originally wrote in 2008; however, it was never published. I decided to dust it off and update it. I hope that you enjoy it, in addition there is a video HERE and also at BandanaMan Productions on YouTube HERE, if you would like to watch a matchcoat being put on. ”…their clothing is a match-coat like mantle – either a blanket or a bear skin…” – Reverend William Andrews, 1712 1 Robert Beverly, “Fig. 1. [R] wears the proper Indian…

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Thoughts on 18th Century Shirts, and Woodland Indian Interpretation. The 18th century men’s shirt was classed as underwear, and it was made long enough to be tucked between the legs. This means that the average shirt should at least reach the knees when hanging loose, or longer. It was also used as a nightshirt. Now I am not aware that the trade shirt was any shorter than the ordinary shirt, and yet woodland Indian interpreters are often seen with short shirts and displaying their…

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