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Discover eco-friendly cleaning techniques and products to maintain a clean and healthy home. Implement these tips to reduce your environmental impact while keeping your living space fresh and spotless.
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Rik, also known as "Tidy Guy" on Instagram and his blog, joins The Zero Waste Collective to share his thoughts on the zero waste lifestyle, and provide a special DIY cleaning recipe! Rik grew up in a small town in The United States, and is currently living in Calgary, Canada. Although relatively new on his zero waste journey, Rik has been working towards a more sustainable lifestyle for quite some time. His endeavours also include switching to a vegan diet and lifestyle, and minimalism, all…

Darya Taranova
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Learn how to create all-natural cleaning products using simple ingredients from your pantry! Includes 12 recipes, plus a printable cheat sheet that you can stick to your fridge or cleaning supply cabinet for easy reference.

Hannah Sullivan
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Advertising tells us that we need a closet full of cleaning products to clean, sanitize and make our homes sparkle. But, do you know that most of these cleaners contain chemicals we probably don’t want in our homes, much less in our bodies? The good news is most of those dangerous cleaners are completely unnecessary!

Steph Malone
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How to Keep Open Shelving Clean I recently shared a reel focused around open shelving and dusting. I always get questions about how I keep my open shelving clean and well, you just gotta go for it… you have to clean them. 😉 I try to dust every week, but its more like every other … Continue reading "Beautiful and Sustainable Home Cleaning Supplies"

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