Electric winch

Discover the best electric winches for all your heavy lifting needs. Get the job done efficiently and effortlessly with these top-rated electric winch options.
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Pismire Winch Versatile 0.5T Folding Truck-Mounted Bed Crane Hoist Lift Pickup with Wireless Electric Winch 3500 lb 12V, Painted Steel 1100 lb Pickup 360 degree Swivel Base in Winches.

John Bowerman
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WINCH APPLICATION: Best used for car, trailer, truck, and boat winch EASE OF USE: 12-volt winch is portable and electric; Convenient built-in carrying cable DURABLE DESIGN: Electric winch is designed to withstand up to 2,000 pounds of pulling capacity; Galvanized steel cable and hook for additional safety CAPACITY 6,000 lbs. rolling; 5,000 lbs. marine; 2,000 lbs. pulling; Max boat weight: 5,000 lbs.; Max boat size: 18 ft. INCLUDES: Includes steel mounting plate, 30 ft. steel cable (29…