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English pronouns

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Relative Pronouns, Definition and Examples - English Grammar Here

English Relative Pronouns, Definition and Examples Relative Pronouns Relative pronouns is the phrase that makes an additional explanation about a word in the sentence. Relative pronouns are not a sentence alone, they are side sentences that characterize a noun in the sentence. Different “relative pronouns” are used when describing the subject, object, or word of ownership of the sentence. It is important to pay attention to this sentence so that the sentence is complete and perfect in terms…

20 examples of pronouns in a sentence - English Grammar Here

20 examples of pronouns in a sentence in english Pronoun List Subject Pronouns Object Pronouns Possessive Adjectives Possessive Pronouns Reflexive Pronouns 1st person singular I Me My Mine Myself 2nd person singular You You Your Yours Yourself 3rd person singular (male) He Him His His Himself 3rd person singular (female) She Her Her Hers Herself 3rd person It It Its Its Itself 1st person (plural) We Us Our Ours Ourselves 2nd person (plural) You You Your Yours Yourselves 3rd person (plural)…

Object pronouns in English - ESOL grammar Lesson - Me You Him Her It Us Them

Object pronouns in English - Me, You, Him, Her, It, Us, Them - English Grammar Lesson with a video and exercise. Learn English Object Pronouns - ESOL resource

Subject and Object Pronouns. Possessive Adjectives

A worksheet on possesive adjectives, subject and object pronouns.There is a grammar chart at the top. Students are supposed to do different exercises: fill in the gaps, replace the words in bold with a subject or object pronoun, underline the correct pronoun, read the text and underline the correct pronoun. - ESL worksheets

He She They It Pronouns Exercises with Pictures, Personal Pronouns PDF Worksheet - WorksheetsHere.com

He She They It Pronouns Exercises with Pictures, Personal Pronouns PDF Worksheet Object Pronouns Pronouns are noun words that can be used in place of the names of entities in a sentence and can fulfill all the functions that nouns do. Object pronouns are pronouns that replace the object noun in a sentence. The pronouns mentioned are “I, me” for the first person singular, “you” for the second person singular, and “he, she, it, him, her” for the third person singular. “we” and “us” are used…

List of Pronouns in English

Pronouns are an essential component of English grammar. They are words that we use as substitutes or replacements for nouns and noun phrases. The word or phrase that a pronoun replaces or refers to is called its antecedent. By using pronouns, we can avoid repetitive and monotonous language, making our sentences more efficient and easier to understand. For instance, instead of saying “John went to the park. John played football. John had a great time,” we can use pronouns to make the sequence…

Personal pronouns memory game

As well as being used for visual support, these personal pronouns cards can be used in games and activities. Print out multiple sets to play memory matching or…

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Relative Pronouns in English: Usage and Useful Examples

Relative pronouns! Following is a list of common relative pronouns in English with ESL pictures and example sentences to help you master your English grammar.

Watch popular English pronouns videos

Need a fun way to revise pronouns? These boom cards help your students practice the pronouns in English!
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