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Explore the intriguing world of English royalty and discover fascinating stories, traditions, and legacies. Uncover the hidden secrets of kings, queens, and their captivating lives.
Charles I (1600–1649; reign: March 1625 – January 1649), King of England, by Antoon van Dyck.  Charles I is a king, but this portrait is indicative of the male fashion of the time...doublet and petticoat breeches for men-gone! House Of Stuart, English Monarchs, Anthony Van Dyck, Charles I, Uk History, William The Conqueror, English Royalty, The Royal Collection, English History

Charles I and Parliament: Regicides and the Beheading of a King

One of the most cataclysmic events in English history was the beheading of King Charles I for treason. This led to the beginning of a period known as the Interregnum, and the rule of Oliver Cromwell, and later his son Richard, was so unpopular that it led to the reestablishment of the monarchy after a short 11 year absence. How did this execution come about?

Queen Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen Tudor History, Queen Elizabeth 1, Anna Boleyn, Ratu Elizabeth, Tudor Monarchs, Elizabethan Era, Istoria Artei, Reine Elizabeth, Mary Queen Of Scots

Queen Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen

With her huge, dramatic collars, ghostly pallor and flaming curls of red hair, Queen Elizabeth I’s image is etched in royal history. Trained from a young age to see power and strength in public image, she cultivated a persona that was both pure and powerful. Unwed and without children, she portrayed herself as the chase,...

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