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EMOJI - Write Equation in Slope-Intercept given Table of Values

✐ This product is a NO PREP- SELF CHECKING activity that engage students in "Writing the Equation of a Line given a Table of Values". Students are asked to write the equation in: ☑ Slope-Intercept Form (12 questions) In this activity the lines may have different type of slopes: ↘ Negative Slope ↗ Positive Slope → Zero Slope ↑ Undefined Slope The y-intercept is one of the points given in the table of values. Students would need to solve the mystery Emoji by following the color key. My…

Greubel Forsey QP a Equation - back

Well-heeled collectors of ultra-complicated mechanical watches, and the haute retailers who supply them, should be in Seventh Heaven over Greubel Forsey's seventh "Invention Piece," the Greubel Forsey QP à Equation, unveiled to the watch intelligentsia today at SIHH 2015 in Geneva. The Greubel Fo

Becoming Horological Art: My Transformational Experience With Alexa Meade And The Audemars Piguet Equation Of Time - Quill & Pad

It would be relatively easy, and pretty interesting, for GaryG to tell you the story of his two days this past summer with artist Alexa Meade and her team. And he’ll get to that, but there’s more: the flood of sensations and emotions that came from considering why time and space are so important to him and from inhabiting a work of art that melded GaryG's vision of himself with the artist’s interpretation and self-expression. And what does any of this have to do with watches?

DIGITAL Maze: System of Equations - Solve by Elimination L3 Distance Learning

Check out: How to work with a Digital Maze Right HERE ✐ This activity is a good review of understanding how to "Solve System of Equations by Elimination - Option 3". This is a BLENDED Activity where a hard copy (which is available at my store here) of the activity is also included. This maze is "Level 3" maze due to the followings: ☑ Equations are written in: Standard Form ☑ Must multiply ONE equations by a constant ☑ Solution maybe Infinite number of points ☑ May have No Solution Students…

Fun activity to review multi-step equations. No matter the time of year, it's always a good time for a snowball fight!

The school year is winding down for me, and for my students it marks the end of their junior high experience. I have a hard time with the end of the year. I get sad

Concert Nightmare: Digital Breakout about Solving Radical Equations  In Digital Breakout the following models of Solving Radical Equations are reinforced:► Radical = Number► Radical = Radical► Radical = Variable► Radical = Binomial► Radical = Radical ± Number

**UPDATED WITH REMOTE LEARNING OPTION MAY 2020** Brunswick High Instrumental Concert is tonight. Instruments were taken for a final tuning to Music Tunesmith Corporation the night before. Unfortunately, the management failed to deliver the instruments to the school on time, as they lost the storage keys. Luckily the storage could also be open by using the correct combinations of 4 different locks on the door. However, the list of combinations is no where to be found. The school wants to hire…

BUNDLE MAZE - System of Equation: Consistent Inconsistent Dependent Independent

This activity has 3 mazes classifying systems of equations using 3 different techniques: ☑ Classify System of Equations without Graphing: Consistent Inconsistent Dependent Independent (using Slopes) ☑ Classify System of Equations using Substitution: Consistent Inconsistent Dependent Independent ☑ Classify System of Equations using Elimination: Consistent Inconsistent Dependent Independent This is a bundle of three separate products sold in my store. In each maze, students are asked to…

The Lost Painting: Digital Breakout about Slope & Linear Equations

**UPDATED WITH REMOTE LEARNING OPTION APRIL 2020** A thief managed to steal a famous painting and locked it up in his hideout. You were hired to track and find this painting. After days of hard work, you finally discovered the location of this Masterpiece, locked within a secured vault. You notice that the vault is connected to a touchable screen which requires FIVE correct codes to unlock it. You must work fast to find the codes. Beware that you only have 40 minutes before the thief…

This file contains 10 Scavenger Hunts over Solving Equations.  The topics for the different hunts are:0. Solving one step equations (including fractions)1. Solving simpler 2-step equations2. Solving 2-Step Equations with Fractions3. Solve by combining like terms (variables on 1 side)4.

★This file contains 10 Scavenger Hunts (Sometimes called Solve the Room) over Solving Equations as well as 2 different Exit Tickets for each topic. The topics for the different hunts included in this bundle are: 1. Solving one step equations (including fractions) 2. Solving simpler 2-step equations 3.Solving 2-Step Equations with Fractions 4. Solve by combining like terms (variables on 1 side) 5. Solve by distributing and combining (variables on 1 side) 6. Solving simpler equations with…

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Find Slope of a Linear Equation in Standard Form . For math tutorials, follow link.
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