Famous graffiti artists

Discover the incredible talent and creativity of famous graffiti artists from around the world. Get inspired by their unique styles and techniques, and find out what makes them stand out in the art scene.
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The street art scene doesn't have as many women as we would like. Yet, Banksy art and male street artists ARE being challenged. Female graffiti artists are thriving, and oh boy are they cracking the whip. Their women empowerment girl art and equal rights missions are go go go. Check them out!

Marion Fletcher
A History of Graffiti - The 60's and 70's | sprayplanet Urban, Street Art, Graffiti, Art, 70s, Back In The Day, Urban Life, Subway, City

Given the monumental influence graffiti art has had on our popular culture, from music, film, and television to fine art, toys, and clothing, it’s easy to forget the form’s humble roots and remarkable evolution -- how what started as a way for bored kids to pass the time grew into a movement larger than anyone could possibly have imagined. Indeed, long before the giant murals, fashion runways, larger-than-life art shows and unlikely street art millionaires, modern graffiti art got its start…

Peter Lee