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William Faulkner, author photo for “Sanctuary,” 1931. Photo by J. R. Cofield of Oxford, Mississippi. William Faulkner, Writers And Poets, Writers Write, Book Writer, Book Authors, Famous Authors, Famous Artists, Favorite Authors, Favorite Books

William Faulkner, age 33, modeling the open-collar look in this publicity shot for his novel “Sanctuary.” Photo by J. R. Cofield of Oxford, Mississippi. © The Cofield Collection. The Cofields were family friends, and photographed Faulkner over the years from 1930 to 1962. * “Man knows so little about his fellows. In his eyes all men or women act upon what he believes would motivate him if he were mad enough to do what that other man or woman is doing.” —“Light in August” (1932) * “William…

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