Flexible thinking

Enhance your problem-solving skills and adaptability with these effective strategies and tips to foster flexible thinking. Embrace new perspectives and improve your decision-making abilities.
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Have you ever had one of those parenting moments where you realize you thought you had taught your kids something, but realized you actually never had? I realized recently that my daughter doesn't know what being flexible means. I say it to her all the time and I always thought she understood w

Rachel Sitzmann
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It took me all of a few days of parenting twins to recognize that their brains were truly unique to them . It was fascinating (and a bit overwhelming) to see how differently they responded to the same exact circumstances. The debate over nature and nurture won’t be going away anytime soon. It i

Alisha Alder
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Flexible Thinking is one of the most common skill deficits we see when working with our referral students. Inflexible thinking can impact all areas of the school day and can lead to interfering behaviors such as refusals, meltdowns, or even aggression. Students who lack flexibility may: have difficulty with changes to schedules or routines struggle to cope with unseen events have trouble transitioning struggle with shifting gears between activities or topics demonstrate rigid thinking can…

Rhonda Harrison