Floating architecture

Explore the mesmerizing world of floating architecture and get inspired by innovative designs that defy gravity. Discover how these structures blend seamlessly with their surroundings to create a unique and awe-inspiring experience.
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text in EN, GR The diploma thesis of Heidi Kaproulia entitled “Reactivations : an amphibious installation in Eleysis gulf” was presented in June 2018 at the Department of Architecture of University of Thessaly and was supervised by Professor Zissis Kotionis. -text by the author How can we treat the sea as a new topography? This master thesis, through the exploration of the current state of the gulf of Elefsis, attempts, through hypotheses, appeals and actions, to reactivate part of the total…

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The design of the organic base and the volume is coherent with the Chinese architecture tradition: the integration of the artificial intervention with nature.