Fourth industrial revolution

Discover the groundbreaking ideas and innovations that are shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Explore how this revolution is transforming industries and creating new opportunities for businesses and individuals alike.
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Making that leap from familiar terrain to true innovation can prove challenging. As they oscillate between hope and ambiguity when strategizing about Industry 4.0, executives may more strongly embrace broader issues that relate to their direct and indirect stakeholders.

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The time period of the industrial revolution was 1750 to 1914. The industrial revolution occurred in two distinct phases: the first industrial revolution, between 1750 and 1850, and the second industrial revolution, between 1850 and 1914. Furthermore, the industrial revolution originated in Great Britain and spread across the world in…

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As Malaysia continues its chest-thumping about Industrial Revolution 4.0, Singapore has quickly identified 7 areas to be explored under the Industry 4.0 Studio.

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From self-driving cars to drone-delivered online shopping, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing how we live, work, and communicate. But with more and more jobs being taken over by artificial intelligence, what do students today need to do to ...