French town

Experience the beauty and charm of picturesque French towns. Discover hidden gems, enchanting landscapes, and immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of these captivating destinations.
This French village looks just like the one in Beauty and the Beast!  It just went on the bucket list. Trips, Indonesia, World Heritage Sites, Places To See, Village, Travel Inspiration, Places To Go, Places To Visit, Places Around The World

Conques is a UNESCO World heritage Site and on the list of the "Most beautiful villages in France". It is only 30km east of Figeac but quite different in terms of building materials and architectural style. Its location on the edge of the Dourdou gorge is stunning. The village retains parts of the old town wall and gates. The narrow cobbled streets are lined by well preserved houses. The main attraction is the 10th century Abbaye Sainte Foy, which made it an important stopping point on the…

Michellee Alvarez