Functional art

Discover a world of functional art that combines beauty and utility. Find inspiration for incorporating unique and practical artistic creations into your everyday life.

Functional Found Art Assemblage- Clock: My father worked in advertising for 30 years. He has always been a very creative person. In fact, he began his professional life as an art director before being promoted to creative director. If you watch the new show Trust Me, perhaps t…

Philip Bougere
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After having spent a long period in New York, Rogan Gregory who began his career as a design consultant for luxury fashion brands was ready for a change of scenery and moved to Los Angeles taking a former garbage truck depot as his new atelier. While pursuing his career in fashion, Rogan had also spent the past […]

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Artist Glen Taylor solders ridges of metal to porcelain fragments, completing a halved teacup or broken saucer with a range of unusual materials: barbed wire, tarnished silverware, old book pages, and multicolored twine form a portion of the household objects. Each intervention contrasts the pristine, delicate qualities of the porcelain with the visible rust, unwieldy strings, and patchwork metals. A cabinetmaker for much of his life, Taylor originally worked with pottery but found it…