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Little Parrot Is Going to Crack You Up With Her Song! I Can’t Believe She Sang That! Pure Gold! Humour, Talking Parrots Videos, Funny Parrots Videos, Parrot Types, African Grey Parrot Funny, Funny Birds Videos, Parrot Funny, Talking Birds, Caique Parrot

Little Parrot Is Going to Crack You Up With Her Song! I Can’t Believe She Sang That! Pure Gold!

Parrots are not only beautiful to look at, but these birds are really intelligent as well. If you own a parrot as a pet, you probably never have a dull moment in your household. They always manage to keep you entertained and they never fail to make you laugh. Just take a look at this

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Owner Plays Stevie Nicks Song On The Radio. Watch What His Bird Does When He Hears! HILARIOUS!

Snowball is a medium sulfur crested Eleanor cockatoo. This eleven-year-old bird is a “self-taught” dancer. He is a sanctuary bird at Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service, Inc., a non-profit parrot rescue and sanctuary located in northwest Indiana. You are going to be stunned when you see what he does every time a song he likes

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People love transforming their faces into cute dogs or cats with Snapchat - but you know what's better than a human with an animal filter - a beautiful bird with no filter. Bored Panda has compiled a list of best snapchats of wild and pet birds caught on camera just chilling and doing their thing, sometimes in some very odd places.

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