Funny wedding games

Add laughter and fun to your wedding with these hilarious games. Discover top ideas to keep your guests entertained and create unforgettable memories.
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Are you looking to add laughter and create memorable moments at your wedding reception? The wedding shoe game is your answer! With an easy setup and the guarantee of family and friends laughing together, this popular newlywed game results in awesome photos and an unforgettable party. You will only need two chairs, a list of amusing questions, and your shoes. Learn how to play and make your celebration truly unique with our collection of 151 funny wedding shoe game questions!

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Why not revisit your childhood during your 2013 / 2014 wedding day? We are certain that guests of all ages will love the fun activities that you have lined up. Wedding party games are perfect for summer venues where you can make the most of wide-open spaces and oversized traditional wedding reception / ceremony games

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These 10 hilarious bridal shower games will have your guests cracking up and ROFL! Most of them use items you have on hand, too! With Printables

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The Shoe Game is a must-have fun event at your wedding or anniversary party! Here are 75 Shoe Game Questions and step-by-step instructions.

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