Garden in the woods

Create a magical garden in the woods with these enchanting ideas. Transform your outdoor space into a tranquil oasis surrounded by nature's beauty.
Water Flows From A Culvert Beneath A Trail Into This Circular Pool, Then Continues On Into The Woods. What's The Pool's Purpose? Back Garden Landscaping, Water Features, Outdoor, Ponds Backyard, Backyard Stream, Natural Pond, Pool, Natural Pool, Pond

All things have a purpose and function. However, some objects are so peculiar, so strange, and so weird that it takes amateur detectives and internet occultists to decipher their meaning. The ‘What Is This Thing’ subreddit is a treasure trove of everyday artifacts whose purpose was lost to the world… until Reddit’s resident Sherlock Holmeses took a look at them and explained exactly what people were looking at.

Russell Collett