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These basic yoga stretches for beginners will open up your entire body stretching your muscles and increasing blood flow. Although yoga is in essence a spiritual practice, yoga for many of us is also a way to improve one's physical conditioning. When we think about people that do yoga we instantly think, highly flexible, mobile

Emma Schafers-Karl
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Hey there! Join me for this 60 minute all levels Gentle Yoga class. This is a relaxing full body stretch and strengthen gentle class. Great for beginners, great for those looking to take it easy such as those with a hectic lifestyle, those with a vigorous workout routine, seniors or those with limi

Tia Pfister
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Yoga teachers and practitioners know that great alignment cues can make all the difference in our practice. Unfortunately, some common cues undermine the body’s natural intelligence by interfering with the brain’s natural ability to direct movement patterns. One prime example of this has been written about ad nauseum: the glute softening cue (see here, here, and here). Specifically, many yogis have long been told to relax their glute muscles in backbends such as locust or bridge. But your…

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