Ghost Hunting

Embark on an exhilarating adventure with ghost hunting. Learn the best techniques, equipment, and locations to uncover paranormal activity. Join the ghost hunting community and experience the supernatural like never before.
Some claim that a REM pod is some of the best things to use to detect ghostly movings. The Radiating Electro Magneticity has been used on many ghost hunts, and the small device has an antenna with its own electromagnetic field that reacts when something gets near it. Radiators, Electronic Products, Pods, Equipment, Led Lights, Antenna, Ghost Equipment, Paranormal Equipment, Investigations

About this item Alerts to changes of the surrounding energy field 4 Adjustable REM Sensitiviy Ranges Lights and Tone Alerts for energy and/or temperature changes Detect and alerts for every +5 F deg./ -5 F air temperature change around the pod. 1 year manufacturer's warranty - Latest Version REM POD EMT 2.0

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