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Indulge in mouthwatering gluten-free cake desserts that are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. Discover a variety of recipes that cater to gluten-free diets and treat yourself to a guilt-free dessert experience.

Follow this recipe to make a flavorful, classic, moist gluten-free carrot cake topped with a tangy cream cheese frosting. Perfect gluten-free Easter dessert!

Susan Iliff
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The BEST gluten-free vanilla cake you’ll ever make! This cake is fluffy and has a pillowy-soft crumb. Topped with a creamy vanilla buttercream, it’s worthy of any celebration.I tested this recipe dozens of times to get it just right! The secret to delicious gluten-free cake is skipping the butter and using a combination of sour cream and oil instead. Whipping the batter also makes a light and fluffy cake!

Catharina Bierling-Elzenaar