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Dive into the profound teachings and revelations of the Gospel of John. Discover the life and ministry of Jesus through the unique perspective of this gospel and gain a deeper understanding of the message it conveys.
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Where in the Bible are Sacramentals? - Philip Kosloski

During the Protestant Reformation, sacramentals were one of the first things the Reformers abandoned. The Reformers sought to have a church that was more centered on the Bible and so took great lengths to eliminate anything “extra.” [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Wikipedia[/featured-image] However, as we will see, sacramentals are far from “extra” and not only have roots in […]

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John in 30 Days | Beginner’s Bible Study and Reading Plan

Dig deeper into scripture with this free John in 30 Days Beginner's Bible Study and Reading Plan. For 30 days, get a new lesson per day which includes verses to read, study questions, real-life reflection, and application.