Gothic architecture aesthetic

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Gothic architecture. Discover the stunning aesthetic and timeless charm of this architectural style, and be inspired to incorporate Gothic elements into your own designs.
Cathedral - Gothic and Steampunk style Architecture Drawings by Elwira Pawlikowska Art, Architecture, Perspective, Gothic, Sketchbooks, Steampunk, Gothic Cathedral, Gothic Architecture, Gothic Cathedrals

Cool Illustrations and Sketches depicting very ornate buildings. Polish Artist Elwira Pawlikowska, is a traditional artist that works with watercolors and inks, to create her paintings and drawings. The ones we are showcasing in today's post, have a vintage feel, coupled with a Gothic and Steampunk style. After graduating from Warsaw Faculty of Architecture, Pawlikowska became a freelance illustrator. Even though her main work is done in a traditional way, she sometimes uses digital art to…

David Courtad