Grass roots

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The roots of prairie plants (Source: Wikimedia Commons.) Plants, Flora, Inspiration, Prairie Planting, Root System, Landscape, Botanica, Plant Illustration, Botanical Art

I’d like to bring to wider attention an article series, The Roots of Bioinformatics. The roots of prairie plants (Source: Wikimedia Commons.) Hold up. Before experimental biologists run away, you’re some of the people I’d like this to reach! At a recent bioinformatics meeting I attended, a senior experimental biologist from overseas commented to the effect that it was hard for bioinformatics researchers to build their own careers, to publish their own papers. My take on his comment was that…

Shannon Bellanca
A Grass Roots Effort? – gardeninacity

Sometimes I get emails that look interesting enough not to delete right away, but also not interesting enough to actually open and read. I might get around to reading them weeks later. For example…

Diane LeDoux