Green eggs

Try these mouthwatering green eggs recipes to add a twist to your breakfast. From classic combinations to creative variations, discover the perfect way to enjoy this colorful dish.
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When I was in the fourth grade, we had the option of picking a class that we wanted to do for fun such as cooking, art, or a music class. I decided to be a part of the cooking class. We made different foods that were easy to cook and most of the...

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March 2, 2020 by Nicole Collins “I do so like green eggs and ham. Thank you. Thank you, Sam-I-am.” That persistent! We're talking about Sam-I-am and his friend who didn't like his green eggs and ham today, because today is Dr. Seuss' birthday! How crazy is it to think that Dr. Seuss' books have been entertaining children (and adults) around the world for over 60 years?!? Dr. Seuss is such a staple in every household. I don't know that I can pick a favorite Dr. Seuss book. But…

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Green eggs and ham, just like in the Dr. Seuss book! Instead of dying the eggs with food coloring, we're using spinach to get that bright green color. It tastes delicious and is so fun for the kids! It's perfect for St. Patrick's Day too!

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Celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday with this fun and amazing naked green eggs and ham science experiment! Your kids will love bouncing the egg on a plate and watching it explode!

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