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Immerse yourself in the aesthetic charm of Greenville, South Carolina. Explore the picturesque landscapes, vibrant culture, and captivating architecture of this charming city.
Greenville, SC Area Waterfalls | VisitGreenvilleSC Outdoor, Blue Ridge Mountains, State Parks, Greenville Sc, Greenville, Cleveland Park, Falls Creek, River Falls, Pleasant Ridge

More than 50 waterfalls reside in the Upcountry South Carolina area, making it one of the heaviest concentrations of waterfalls within the Eastern United States. From popular and well-known waterfalls to the small and lesser-known, find out how to get to them, see photos, hiking information, waterfall descriptions, maps, and more.

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Symmes Chapel Camp Greenville Blue Ridge Mountains, State Parks, Architecture, Newcastle, Wanderlust, Trips, Greenville, Pretty Place Chapel, South Carolina

Also known as “Pretty Place,” the Symmes Chapel is part of YMCA Camp Greenville, a branch of the YMCA of Greenville near Caesars Head State Park. Charles Hardin of Taylors, 2015 © Do Not Use Without Written Consent Fred Symmes gave the chapel to the YMCA so that its campers could enjoy its beautiful view...Read More

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