Grilled broccoli

Elevate your broccoli game with these delicious grilled broccoli recipes. Discover new ways to enjoy this nutritious vegetable and add a healthy twist to your meals.
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If you're wondering if you can grill broccoli, then I am here to tell you that you most certainly can. I have all the details about how to make it as easy, foolproof and mess-free as possible. This foil packet method yields perfectly tender yet lightly seared florets, without burning or losing any pieces between the grill grates. Plus, I have seasoned the grilled broccoli with a simple combination of pantry staples: sesame seeds, garlic powder and seasoned rice vinegar.

Gurpreet Sandhu
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When slicing the head of broccoli, try to have as much stem included as possible. The stem is what holds them into “slabs” or one large slice. You’ll definitely have some random small broken pieces, but hopefully you’ll have at least several slices that are whole “slabs or steaks”. We tested 2 methods: Blanching then Grilling - Grilling w/o Blanching. Everyone preferred the former, but if you like a firmer broccoli, then grilling without blanching is great way to go.Grill Baskets - Some days…

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