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Ritz Crackers Fresh Stacks, 8-Count (Original, 11.8-Ounce Boxes, Pack of 6) -- Trust me, this is great! : Fresh Groceries Foods, Snacks, Fresh, Nutella, Wheat Crackers, Ritz Bits, Pops Cereal Box, Snack Recipes, Grocery Foods

About this item Six 11.8 oz boxes for 48 total individual cracker stacks of RITZ Original Crackers, 13 crackers per fresh stack (packaging may vary) Flaky and delicious snack crackers with a rich, buttery flavor Perfect crackers for snacking, appetizers or quick meals Pairs with dips and almost any topping, from meat and cheese to fruit and whipped cream Single serve cracker packs are individually wrapped for on-the-go convenience

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