Hair wrap thread tutorial

Learn how to create a trendy boho look with this step-by-step hair wrap thread tutorial. Elevate your hairstyle with colorful threads and make a fashion statement.
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Remember hair wraps? I don't mean using a scarf to craft an updo. I mean boho-summer-chic hair wraps from those summer vacations you went on as a teenager. The ones where you wrap thread around a lock of hair in varying patterns and colors to create a look that's unique to you. It's time for them to make a comeback!

Dana Austen
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GOTHIC RAINBOW hairwrap - Bohemian hair extension - Reusable hair wrap - Beaded Boho hair - Clip in braids - Festival hair clip - Hair wrap braid by Hairwraps UK. Made from black, maroon, orange, yellow, dark green, dark blue and dark purple cotton thread. In a 'classic' pattern with a hint of black shimmer. With black wooden beads and metal beads to finish. Please choose your attachment option: SMALL LOOP - For natural hair (NOT dreadlocked). To attach easily into a small hair-plait…

Penész Virág
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Spread the loveHair Wrap Tutorial- get festival-ready hair with this step by step tutorial! The summer always inspires me to do some vaguely hippie-ish thing to my hair. Last year it was braids and beads. This time around the hair wrap was calling my name. As soon as I finished my wrap, I realized how...

Dawn Schuerfeld
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Looks like we just came home from a fun vacation doesn't it. These are popular in tourist areas and many young girls get them on summer trips with their families. But you don't have to travel to an island in the Bahamas to get one of these you can do them yourself. They are easy and a fun way to celebrate summer. You will need embroidery floss and a scissors. Take a small section of hair and put it into a tight braid a bit smaller than the diameter of a pencil. Getting it wet may help hold…