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Discover a collection of beautiful handmade dresses that are perfect for any occasion. Explore designs that are crafted with care and attention to detail, and find the perfect dress to make a statement.

A brief history and some rad photos. em·broi·der·y /əmˈbroid(ə)rē/ 1. the art of creating and producing raised designs or motifs on woven fabrics, paper, or plastic and, in rare instances, on knitted fabrics. Like the 87 year old in all of us, embroidery is an old soul. The form of art appeared way back (waaaay back) in Cro-Magnon fossils dating back as early as 30,000 BCE. Embroidery later appeared in China in 3500 BCE, and then again during the Iron Age as early as 2500 BCE. Basically…

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MORPHEW COLLECTION Creme Dress Made From 100 Year Old Handmade Lace MORPHEW COLLECTION is made entirely by hand in our NYC Ateliér of rare antique materials sourced from around the globe. Our sustainable vintage materials represent over a century of design, many of the rich textiles we use are no longer manufactured. Each piece preserves the hours of hand work and lost artisanal techniques into a contemporary design and fit.