Handmade quilts for sale

Explore a wide selection of unique handmade quilts for sale. Find the perfect quilt to add warmth and style to your home. Shop now and bring the art of quilting into your life.
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I know we have a lot of readers interested in Amish quilts and many with experience buying them. We'll be hearing more soon on the subject from Janneken Smucker, author of the upcoming Amish Quilts: Crafting an American Icon, including a chance to ask Amish quilt questions. In the meantime, reader GamGam recently left an

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If you’re someone who has ever sold custom quilts you know a lot of time and energy goes into selecting the perfect fabric and making the actual quilt. If you’re someone who has ever purchased a handmade quilt - do you know the material costs involved in making that quilt? Or the number of hours that went into it? I started my business selling handmade quilts and other home goods. I quickly realized a lot of people don’t know how much goes into making a quilt. When I sat down to calculate…

Tami Lipham