Hans Holbein

Delve into the world of Hans Holbein, a renowned artist known for his exceptional talent. Discover the captivating beauty of his masterpieces and get inspired by his unique style.
John Poyntz (c.1485-1544) ~ a rather rugged looking gentleman Painting & Drawing, Augsburg, Portrait, Portraits, Hans Holbein, Hans Holbein The Younger, Hans Holbein Der Jüngere, Albrecht Durer, Artist

A portrait drawing of John Poyntz (c.1485-1544) on pink prepared paper. He is shown bust length with his body in profile and his head facing three-quarters to the right, looking sharply upwards. The drawing is largely in black and coloured chalks with black ink used to refine the profile. An eighteenth-century inscription (a copy of a mid-sixteenth-century original) at top left identifies the sitter as Iohn Poines.John Poyntz held minor positions at court. He was a friend of Thomas Wyatt…

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Lady Barbara <i>Watson</i> Herdson Hudson 12th great grandmother Portraits, History, Portrait, Anne Boleyn, Augsburg, Lady, Classic Image, Historia, Hans Holbein The Younger

Lady Barbara was born at Rockingham Castle in Rockingham, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England. William the Conqueror had ordered a Castle to be built there, and it was used as a fortress, and was a crucial stronghold in helping William subdue his new kingdom. In 1095, the Castle was an important seat of...

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John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester. Sketch by Hans Holbein, the Younger, 1525 Portrait, Painting & Drawing, Anne Boleyn, Portraits, Hans Holbein The Younger, Hans Holbein, Hans Holbein Der Jüngere, Albrecht Durer, Artist

A portrait drawing of John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester (c.1469-1535) on pink prepared paper. He is shown bust length, facing left. The sheet has been folded in half just below the chin, and only the top half has been worked up to any extent.Inscribed at bottom centre in a sixteenth-century hand in partly illegible Italian: Il Epyscopo de rosester / fo…lato Il Capo lano 1535 (perhaps: The Bishop of Rochester [whose] head was cut [off in] the year 1535).John Fisher was appointed Bishop of...

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