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Start keeping a health journal to track your progress and make improvements to your overall well-being. Discover tips and tricks to create a healthier lifestyle.
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How would you rate your overall health, and how confident do you feel in your answer? If your answer’s rating or confidence level is low, you may want to consider keeping a health diary. You may think of a diary as a relic of the past, collecting dust from Middle School days when every page was...

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Daily Wellness Journal: A Daily Mood, Health & Fitness Tracker, Floral Crest Design [Notebooks, MPP] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Daily Wellness Journal: A Daily Mood, Health & Fitness Tracker, Floral Crest Design

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Want to know what health and fitness bullet journal spreads I use to maintain my 45lb. weight loss? These spreads are a must-have if you are on a weight loss journey. Plus, check out the bullet journal weight loss challenge inside.

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I love scheduling stuff. There's something about having a calendar of to-do's, planned projects, checks, and cute doodles that makes me geek out. I have a schedule for work, a schedule for my passion project, so I figured, how cool will it be to have a schedule for the health and wellness 'stuff' too? Health and wellness 'stuff' being my daily, weekly, and monthly self-care routines and daily practices. This can be workouts, weekly meal plans, checkboxes for if I ate clean for the day and if…

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