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Discover a variety of delicious and nutritious omelette recipes to enjoy a healthy and satisfying meal. Try these easy-to-make recipes packed with essential nutrients and flavors.
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This Low Calorie Omelet can be made meaty, or vegetarian. Either way it will be healthy, low in calories, and packed with metabolism boosting ingredients!You can cut more calories by using 3 egg whites in place of the 2 eggs, but I find this minor "splurge" in ingredients makes a far superior tasting omelet recipe.

Audrey Johns- Lose Weight By Eating
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We all want to eat healthy and tasty meals that will make us feel and look better. Well, today we’re redefining this popular low-carb & high-protein lunch, the egg white omelette. It will take you 5 minutes to make and won’t disappoint. Give it a try and tell me what you think. Egg White Omelette Recipe * Egg Whites ~1 Cup (270 ml) * Cheddar 2 g * Olive Oil ½ tsp * Baby Spinach * Red Onion * Tomato * Salt * Black Pepper * Sweet Peppers * Calories: 212.4 kcals * Protein: 33 g * Carbs: 3 g…

Margaret-Ann Bilbrey Caudill