Hershey hot cocoa recipe

Warm up with a cup of homemade Hershey hot cocoa. This easy recipe will satisfy your chocolate cravings and keep you cozy all winter long. Try it now and indulge in a moment of pure chocolate bliss.
Want to know how to make hot chocolate? Start with HERSHEY'S Cocoa Powder! This stove-top recipe makes enough hot cocoa for six cups. Try all three flavors. Punch, Nutella, Cocoa, Winter, Smoothies, Snacks, Alcohol, Brunch, Desserts

Hot cocoa requires no introduction, and with HERSHEY’S Perfectly Chocolate Hot Cocoa recipe, it’s all in the name. Try this quick and easy recipe using HERSHEY’S Cocoa to serve up to six friends or family members a cup of this comforting HERSHEY'S Perfectly Chocolate Hot Chocolate. You can also try mixing in cinnamon, mint extract or instant coffee to make simple, yet delicious, recipe variations. You’ll have the perfect winter treat in no time when you make a cup of this creamy and…

Holly Roseman
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Save your money and make this Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from the comfort of your home! Every fall Starbucks releases their holiday drinks including the 'Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate'. I LOVE this drink. So much that my typical frugal ways go completely out the window as I fork over almost $5 for one of these! That was until I moved to North Dakota... where the closest Starbucks was 100 miles away! I had to figure out how to replicate this wonderful drink. Now that I've got it…

Robin Melah