Home preschool room setup

Transform your home into a vibrant learning environment with these creative ideas for setting up a preschool room. Create the perfect space for your little one to explore, learn, and grow at home.
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Inside: Are you starting preschool at home this year? Take a quick tour of our homeschool room setup. Get easy ideas for organizing your homeschool supplies, plus inspiration for toddler & preschooler learning spaces. 2020 has thrown us some curve balls and we are just rolling with it. Homeschool or virtual distance-learning? Just add that to our resumes as moms. It's just another hat we

Kevi Payne
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Given your unique space, consider organizing your room to best fit the needs and traffic patterns of your children. Ask yourself these questions when designing your space: What is the purpose of each space in your room? Where will quiet places in my room be? Where will louder activities happen? Consider putting loud and quiet […]

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