Honduras food

Discover the flavors of Honduras with these mouthwatering recipes. From baleadas to sopa de caracol, explore the rich culinary heritage of Honduras and bring a taste of Central America to your kitchen.
Lychees!  Best fruit ever!!!! Honduras Fruit!  | You break them open and inside hides a tasty white fleshed fruit Honduras Food, Honduran Recipes, Recetas Salvadorenas, Costa Rican Food, Fruit Market, New Fruit, Latin Food, Exotic Fruit, Tropical Fruits

Funny Looking Fruit

Brother Sprout has found a new fruit he likes. They are in season here in Honduras and you can find them sold on the streets and street markets. I haven't seen them at the super market though. The name of the fruit is pronounced sounding like "leeches" in English, as in the things that will suck your blood. I'm not sure what spelling they use here, but here are a few ways I found at Wikipedia: The Lychee (Litchi chinensis), also spelled Litchi (the U.S. FDA spelling) or Laichi, is the sole…