How to clean gold

Discover the best methods to clean gold jewelry and decor to maintain their shine and beauty. Learn how to easily remove dirt and restore the luster of your gold items.
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Do you know how to clean gold jewelry at home? It's super easy! Most people think of polishing silver, not gold. But gold can get dull too. Over time, gold loses its shine due to products we wear like lotion and perfume as well as oils and sweat from our skin. Like silver, it’s possible for gold to tarnish. I used to never think about cleaning my gold pieces because I thought the dullness overtime was just the look of the jewelry. But it isn't! Your gold should shine like it did when you…

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I recently found this awesome way to clean gold jewelry using baking soda and olive oil by House To Home, on YouTube, and I had to try it. I had been using a dip method on my gold jewelry, but the product that cleaned the gold so well was really very toxic and had a

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