How to cook octopus

Learn how to cook octopus like a pro with our collection of delicious recipes and expert cooking tips. Impress your guests with tender and flavorful octopus dishes that will leave them wanting more.
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Octopus needs long, slow cooking to tenderize the meat, which is concentrated almost exclusively in the tentacles. Braising and boiling are ideal for the challenge, but bear in mind the meat’s high water content causes it to shrink considerably during cooking.

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How to Cook Tender Octopus and Octopus Pasta Seriously, there are so many crazy ways to cook tender octopus… from beating it on a rock to slamming it against the side of your sink (ten times no less) to boiling it with wine corks. Or you can massage the cephalopod vigorously with lots of salt … Continue reading "How to Cook Tender Octopus"

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